Paul Lisy

My ideal photo works as a metaphor. There is a literal meaning and then an analogy that can be made to a theme or feeling or statement. Typically when I'm eyeing an image, the possibility that the shot might work on more than one level is often a primary reason that I might attempt to capture it.

I am a graduate of New York University for Film (Tisch School of the Arts), and I worked as an in-house and freelance script reader for many years here in Los Angeles, for such companies as Tri-Star Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Entertainment, Spring Creek, Badham Cohen, River Road, CIBY 2000, and many others.

I am a co-owner of - an evolving on-line stock footage site packed with film and video ranging from nitrate silent sequences to contemporary design material we are scanning to be able to offer soon in 4K. I have shot video for my company in many locations around the country and the world.

I am the director of the feature documentary "Katrina Cop In The Superdome", which got the audience award for best documentary at the Big Easy Film Festival, and was a category finalist at several other film festivals, as well as being given a special screening by USC Cinema Services. It is currently being distributed by Green Apple Entertainment, which is based in Florida.

My newest project created for LEVELER PICTURES is entitled "The Issue of Violence - Black Power". Right now it's a stand alone short doc but eFootage holds so much great material on the subject that I would like to create a full series on the subject.

I also offer up the cartoon series R.I.P.PERS, which I suppose is one way that I grapple regularly with the subject of death, purpose, energy and finality, and I welcome comments about the cartoons as I seek to present them as effectively as possible. 

I have co - and executive produced cable and PBS programming and I have edited a number of short form videos for a variety of organizations and businesses.  Here's a link to ONE FINE DAY, a film I created for eFootage while covering the General Strike in Oakland in 2009.

And a special shout out to Thomas Schmidt - a great friend and a fellow creative soul who helped put together the elements of this site. He has encouraged me and my work continuously and I will be forever indebted to him. He is also an absolute pleasure to work with.

Projects and possibilities abound - it's a big world out there, isn't it?